Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday

All we have is Now.

Future is a made-up concept. For when we get there, it will be Now.

The same holds true with Past. When we were there, it was Now.

Anxiety at what will come tomorrow robs us of today just as regret at what happened yesterday robs us of today.

Today is today, today.

Now is Now, Now.

How much of our lives do we spend trying to predict a future we cannot control, trying to alter an unalterable past?

Though not always easy to do, mustn’t we admit that ‘living right here now’ is rather easy to understand?

That giving complete attention to — and complete acceptance of — the present moment, to Now, gives us the best chance for joy.

Published by Jonathan

Author of Snow Valley: Last of the Ski Bums. Chief Copy Writer and Editor for and Freelance Writer and Editor. Athlete. Photographer. Go-Getter.

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