Ends to Beginnings and Beginnings to Ends, On End

A new year has turned old and soon it will end so another can begin.

We have learned. We have done. We are the same as we were or we are different or we are some combination of the two.

Maybe we’ve grown taller. Maybe we’ve grown wiser. Grown a belly or a mustache or debt.

Perhaps we’ve gotten back in shape or quit smoking the vape. Maybe we started smoking the vape.


But in the video tape of our lives— the single moments that make a day that link to 365 making one-whole—where are we? Better off, we hope.

Life is not linear and time ain’t straight. Circles, wise men tell me, may be the best way to look at things.

Friends come and friends go. Love is lost and treasure is found. Or is it the other way around?


Humans have contemplated the ends and beginnings of time since the beginning of time. Things unwind to form again.

Flowers bloom and then the sun shines hot and then it snows. Boys become men. And girls still drive them crazy.

What is life? The meaning of it, I mean. To have a good time. To gain enlightenment. To imbibe the ferment. To put our child handprints in fresh cement?


We will all soon die, these wise men also say. So why not live, now.

Published by Jonathan

Author of Snow Valley: Last of the Ski Bums. Chief Copy Writer and Editor for Happyliving.com and 3rdRockessentials.com. Freelance Writer and Editor. Athlete. Photographer. Go-Getter.

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