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I approach my editing as the author I am.

All writing is re-writing. It is taking a form and chipping away at it like a sculptor does his rock.

Don’t hire me to passively edit your manuscript. Hire me to actively retool, enhance, and empower your book.

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My Journey with Words:

I quarterbacked football teams in four countries before moving to the Sierra Nevada where I lived in a loft, a hallway, a van, a tent, a trailer, and my truck—to work less, ski more, and read all I could.

I ski bummed from first chair to last call for three years amid an unfolding realization that letters were my path.

I embarked on a lit-heavy creative writing MFA at Northern Arizona University, an up-and-coming program with dynamic cohorts. And I could still ski.

I inhaled words; poetry, creative nonfiction, new stuff that ricocheted off the walls, and the classics, Hemingway, Thoreau.

And I wrote. I wrote day and night to gain a master’s understanding of our language.

I then taught both writing and literature at Northern Arizona University and the University of California Santa Cruz; I loved teaching, its lessons in language and in people, and it was more great writer’s training.

I got my first book published because I wrote 500 pages and worked it down—not without help—to a trim 186. Most books don’t need nearly as much editing rework as mine, but the whole revision process was a PhD.

For that is when I finally and truly came to understand the truth in Hemingway’s words, that “all writing is re-writing,” that we must chip away at our letters like that sculptor does his rock, until no more and no less need or should be done.

I took the lesson to soul, and now editing is what I do. I elevate manuscripts into books.

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I have worked on plays, scripts, medical reference books, short stories, short story collections, and all sorts of novels.

My first career was as a quarterback. In my final game, I led a two-minute drill to win the 2009 German Bowl with the Berlin Adler against the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes. The next day I retired to do something new.

Look for my novel, Snow Valley: Last of the Ski Bums.

Go deep.

Say it. Do it. Be it.

The most important part of any work is to begin.

Aristotle, (Smart Human)

It is only when a thing is never attempted that it is never achieved.

Mike the mustached ski bum,
Snow Valley: Last of the Ski Bums

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

Joseph Campbell, Mythologist

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