Jonathan Richard Grant quarterbacked football teams in four countries before moving to the Sierra Nevada where he’s lived in a loft, a hallway, a van, a tent, a trailer, and his truck — to work less and ski more. He holds a Master’s of Fine Arts from Northern Arizona University and a degree in Ancient History from the University of California Davis.

He is the chief copy writer and editor for HappyLiving.com and 3rdRockEssentials.com. On a freelance basis, he accepts contracted writing and editing work, having written and edited everything from lyrics and poetry to blogs and articles and full-length manuscripts. He is the author of the novella, Snow Valley: Last of the Ski Bums.

Learn More: http://amazon.com/Snow-Valley-Last-Ski-Bums/dp/0999477153

Read his blog for the lifestyle and entrepreneurial brand, Happy Living: http://happyliving.com/author/jon_grant/

Check out his creative marketing work for the all-natural personal-care company,

3rd Rock Essentials: https://3rdrockessentials.com/blogs/blog

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